On Saturday, February 18th, we visited the Alan and Mary Travis Museum featuring one of the worlds most important collecitons of cars, motorcycles and artifacts showing the early evolution of personal transportation. A huge thank you to Alan and Mary, for opening their collection to us! A joint event for the Classic Car Club of America and the Rolls-Royce Owners Club, attendance was limited to 25 participants. 

An amazing collection, Alan has an engineering background and has restored many of the items in his collection. Including investing over 3500 hours in the resurrection of one of the oldest Bugattis still on the road. Clean and Mary have travel close to 20,000 miles in the car! They also happen to be one of the winningest couples in the Great American Race. They really use their cars as they were designed to be used.

After the tour of his collection, we enjoyed a wonderful luncheon. Special thanks to Dee Pellegrini for making all the arrangements. We heard from many attendees that it was the best event ever attended in Arizona!