Submitted By Kim Pierce


Car Week 2022 started off with a bang at a well-attended party at the Paradise Valley home of Kim Pierce (PNR-CCCA Board of Mangers Member) & his fiancé, Kristy Ryan.

Over 100 people attended the fun get together on Jan. 25th sponsored by the PNR-CCCA. Members of the PNR that attended included:

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald (Keenon) Greenfield (Membership Chair-PNR-CCCA)

Mr. Stan Dickison (Activities Director-PNR-CCCA)

Mr. & Mrs. Jim (Irene) Tait

Mr. & Mrs. Ted (Cathy) Vanderhoek

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis (Nancy) Rood

Mr. Carl Bomstead

Mr. Adrian Taylor & his fiancé, Dana Harris

Mr. Lee Zucker

Mr. Kim Pierce and his fiancé Kristy Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Tom (Lynn) Hamilton


Additionally, members from Arizona CCCA and other regions in town for car week were also in attendance including:


Mr. & Mrs. Ed (Karen) Winkler

Mr. & Mrs. Mark (Joan) Ellingson

Ms. Janet Cussler & her daughter, Whitney

Mr. Winston Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Harry (Heather) Clark

Mr. & Mrs. Larkin (Donna) Hicks

Mr. & Mrs. Paul (Pam)  Friskop

Mr. & Mrs. Peter (Pam) Hemkeu

Ms. Jane Billings & Mr. Steve Kreisman

Mr. & Mrs. Willy Vinton

Mr. Webster Peterson & Ms. Kari Albers

Mr. & Mrs. Ken (Rose) and Echo Dennison,

Mr. Robert McAtee

Mr. Jim Rodgers.


The special classic cars that were on display that night were a 1941 Cadillac model 62 convertible, 1947 Cadillac model 62 Sedanette, & 1935 Derby Bentley.

Cocktails, appetizers, music –all poolside –set the scene for this fun car party.

Members from all CCCA regions were invited to a lovely breakfast at McCormick Ranch Golf Club the next day. Following the breakfast was an informational guided tour for the members presented by Andy Reid at Bonham’s Auction at the world class Westin Resort in Scottsdale featuring their entire auction docket.